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100 Sculptures

Anonymous Gallery

June 30 - August 21, 2021


100 Sculptures is as advertised and features over one hundred small sculptures created by over one hundred international artists - the only given framework being that no sculpture have more than a 5 x 5 inch (12.7 x 12.7 cm) footprint.

This traveling, regenerative, and celebratory exhibition is a meshwork; an extremely populous show with the objective to create the most dynamic, non-hierarchical system that is possible within the limited confines of a gallery. The one hundred (+) objects on view have the ability to interact and decode one another freely. The exhibition acts like a circuit board, wherein each artwork behaves like an attractor in the network.

Through the use of media including casts, cloth, ceramic, found objects, paper, bronze, concrete, aluminum, and more, the pieces on view appear plush, metallic, functional, mobile, automated, geometric, sensual, rhythmic, or even biologically subversive. Meanwhile the works conceptually range from spiritual and optimistic to dark, disarming, and uncanny. Each piece, despite its diminutive scale, maintains its own singularity and pathos as displayed unified amongst many other similarly sized objects. Shown here at its maximum degree of variety and difference, the works on view assemble mutual logics and codes.

Originally conceived by, and co-curated with Todd von Ammon, the exhibition was first presented at anonymous gallery in Mexico City (September 2018). The exhibition has since traveled to Paris, France (May 2019), San Juan, Puerto Rico (November 2019), and was most recently constructed anew in Los Angeles (January 2020). As the exhibition continues traveling new pieces are supplemented from those sold and new artists are invited to participate in each location.

The participating artists represent a majority of those with whom the curators have collaborated over the last decade.


Justin Adian, Alejandro Almanza Pereda, Cory Arcangel, Donald Baechler, Alex Bag, Alan Belcher, Benjamin Bertocci, Amin Bidar, Andrew Birk, Lizzi Bougatsos, Cristine Brache, Chris Bradley, Wendy Cabrera Rubio, Ernesto Caivano, Christian Camacho, Borden Capalino, Mikkel Carl, Sarah Conaway, Bjorn Copeland, Petra Cortright, Chelsea Culprit, Carl D’Alvia, N.Dash, Débora Delmar, Vincent Dermody, Cali Thornhill DeWitt, Chris Dorland, Jesse Draxler, Jesse Edwards, Ryan Estep, Timo Fahler, Urs Fischer, Leo Fitzpatrick, Gerasimos Floratos, Ryan Foerster, Erik Foss, Erik Frydenborg, Nikita Gale, ektor garcia, Dorian Gaudin, Sebastian Gladstone, Jason Gringler, Elias Hansen, Hilary Harnischfeger, Dan Herschlein, Stephanie Hier, Jan Hofer, Marc Horowitz, Matt Hoyt, Serban Ionescu, JPW3, Gilles Jacot, Ray Johnson, Stanya Kahn, Kiyoshi Kaneshiro, Mike Kelley, Leelee Kimmel, Elisabeth Kley, Ross Knight, Bradley Kronz, Shaun Krupa, L, Helmut Lang, Margaret Lee, Cary Leibowitz, Kris Lemsalu, Spencer Lewis, Hanna Liden, Erik Lindman, Karen Lofgren, Brendan Lynch, Nevine Mahmoud, Larry Mantello, Chavis Marmol, Yuri Masnyj, Eva and Franco Mattes, Suzanne Mcclelland, Allan McCollum, Joshua Miller, Donald Moffett, Hugo Montoya, Emily Mullin, KO Nnamdie, Katja Novitskova, Dominic Nurre, Eva Marie Pappas and Gary Oglander, Catalina Ouyang, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Oso Parado, Pablo Power, Patricio Lima Quintana, Kristin Reger, Carlos Reyes, Tabor Robak, Brian Rochefort, Ry Rocklen, Justin Rodier, Emanuel Röhss, Michael Ross, Amanda Ross-Ho, Marco Rountree, Paul Mpagi Sepuya, Olympia Scarry, Max Hooper Schneider, Ryan Schneider, Emily Schubert, Davina Semo, Shelter Serra, Ross Simonini, Gibb Slife, Josh Smith, Agathe Snow, Partick Staff, B.Thom Stevenson, Paul Pascal Thériault, Josh Tonsfeldt, Mark Verabioff, Lucia Vidales, Marianne Vitale, Todd von Ammon, Julia Wachtel, Darryl Westly, Michael Wetzel, Wendy White, Thaddeus Wolfe, Lewis Teague Wright, Jason Yates

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