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The 25th anniversary of the Betty Parsons Gallery is upon us, and in its honor Ray Johnson, celebrated collagist and founder of the New York Corraspondence [sic] School, which adds to the burdens of mail-carriers throughout the world, has produced the "Ray Johnson History of the Betty Parsons Gallery" (Jan. 9 - Feb. 3).  This production, or one-man show, is more than a series of glass windows into the past - it is as if a thousand dark emeralds had been thrown from a space capsule.  It is about the names of the artists associated with the Betty Parsons Gallery; it is also about their scandals, whose embers still glow, ready to be fanned into flame at the breath of the visitor poring over the work, and it is about the freaky world of Ray Johnson.

Alloway, Lawrence.  "The Ray Johnson History of the Betty Parsons Gallery." Art News 72, no. 1 (Nov 1973): 56-57.

Betty Parsons Gallery 
New York, NY