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Ray Johnson Estate 
34 East 69th Street, NY, NY 10021 
+1 212 628 0470 |


As of May 1, 2017, The Ray Johnson Estate is exclusively represented by Adler Beatty. Frances Beatty has stewarded the Estate since the time of Ray Johnson’s death in 1995 first with Richard L. Feigen & Co. and then with Adler Beatty. The Estate includes an extensive archive of materials including, but not limited to, correspondence, mail art, collages, documentary photographs, objects, and memorabilia. The Estate encourages scholarship and is open to researchers by appointment. Research appointments are currently closed until February 2023. 

A special thank you to Richard L. Feigen, Frances F. L. Beatty, Ph.D., Jennifer Grossman, William S. Wilson, Michael von Uchtrup, John McGill, Alexander Adler, and the many researchers who helped to launch the Ray Johnson Estate Website



Frances F.L. Beatty, Ph.D., Managing Director

Alexander Adler, Director

Maria Ilario, Director of Collections & Archives


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