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Featuring "Ray Johnson. Art as Experience" by Johanna Gosse.

Black Mountain College (BMC) in North Carolina was the leading institution for interdisciplinary artistic education in the late 1940s. The subjects taught included visual arts, architecture, theater as well as economics, physics and history. The faculty included many of America’s leading artists, poets, and designers of the time, as well as numerous emigrants from Germany who came to Black Mountain College from the Bauhaus following its closure by the Nazis. The aim of the BMC was to establish a democratic and experience-based, interdisciplinary teaching institute in accordance with the reform-pedagogical ideas of the philosopher John Dewey. The publication examines for the first time the educational model of the BMC, his philosophical approaches and the art philosophy of John Dewey with the aim of comprehensively understanding and revitalizing the heritage of the BMC in order to renew it in a participatory sense. One focus is the art project "PERFORMING the Black Mountain ARCHIVE" by Arnold Dreyblatt, in which students from European art academies were invited to translate an archive compiled by Dreyblatt on Black Mountain College into the present through performative interaction.


Dreyblatt, Arnold, and Petra Maria Meyer, editors. Black Mountain College as Multiverse. Dortmund, Germany: Verlag Kettler, 2023.