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Ray Johnson: I Like Funny Stories -  - Publications - Ray Johnson Estate

This catalogue accompanied an exhibition of the same name at the Weserburg Museum of Modern Art in Bremen, Germany. The exhibition showcased Ray Johnson works from the collection of Maria and Walter Schnepel, most of which they acquired from Hermann Braun, who had acquired them from his friend Dick Higgins, the publisher of Ray Johnson's The Paper Snake. The Schnepel collection includes many of the original drawings and writings that were reproduced in The Paper Snake.

The catalogue includes the following essays:

"Tribute to Hermann Braun" by Walter Schnepel

"Editorial" by Carsten Ahrens

"Death as a Sign of Life" by Carsten Ahrens

"Please send to: Mail Art, Moticos, and Artists' Books" by Ingo Clauß


Ahrens, Carsten and Ingo Clauß, eds. Ray Johnson: I Like Funny Stories. Sammlung Maria und Walter Schnepel. Bremen, Germany: Salon Verlag, 2012.