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Ray Johnson, Ray Johnson, Ray Johnson - By John Willenbecher - Publications - Ray Johnson Estate

A book devoted to the works of Ray Johnson and John Willenbecher. Contains facsimiles of Johnson's mail art which includes postcards, drawings, appropriations, collage, and correspondence, as well as a stream of consciousness artist statement. Includes Happy Membership, a curious written piece on the New York Correspondance School, the group led by Johnson that is often credited with originating mail art as a form. Also includes the essay John Willenbecher: Pyramids, Spheres, and Labyrinths by William Wilson, which originally appeared in Ideas in Contemporary Art Magazine (Vol. 49, No. 7, March 1975), as well as a biographical statement by Willenbecher. 


Willenbecher, John. Ray Johnson Ray Johnson Ray Johnson. New York: Between Books Press, 1977.